Upgrade from Elements 11 to 12 No sound output

I cannot get the sound output to work at all, everything I can see appears to be the same as what it was in 11 , I reinstalled 12 to no avail, I have tried 11 again which now has the same issue but was working fine before upgrade.
My devices are working fine in other programs,

Any ideas ?

Post more info, are you using control room, or just outputs.

I have a Elfidelity external dac on my pc which i use as my sound card, I use the default ASIO driver and all settings are at default.
I am running Win 11 on a amd 5800x with 64g of ram,as I said until the upgrade all was good. I am a complete noob when it comes to setting it up, thats why default is my friend.

More testing has found it appears to be connected to Halion, I opened the mixer and noticed although the midi instrument channels were working the Halion channel had no output. I made Reason VST instruments and everything worked.

Looks like I have to troubleshoot Halion now :slight_smile: