Upgrade from Elements 11 to Artist 11

Hi there!
Yesterday, I bought the upgrade for my Win10 machine. Today, I got the USB dongle, and I´m downloading all of Artist´s content right now.
Much of the content seems to be installed already (some of the loops and sounds packs). Isnt´t Cubase Elements uninstalled automatically, or will just the files be downloaded the are needed for the upgrade?
Or, do I end up with two complete installs of Elements AND Artist?
Because, right now, according to the download assistend, I´m almost finished with downloading the content, and I got ~ 30GB less of space on my SSD.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Edit: I start to understand… :wink:
The Steinberg Download Manager downloaded all files into user/downloads again. It shows “install again” in green beneath every content. Can I delete the content in my user/downloads folder after succesful installation?

No, but you can have both Elements and Artist installed at the same time. The license for Artist will allow you to run Elements as well. I’d recommend leaving Elements installed (it’s only the application, a lot of the content is shared) until such time as you’re happy that all your projects work OK in Artist. Then you can just go into Apps and Features and uninstall only Elements.

In principle yes, but I prefer to copy it out to a backup drive before deleting, in case I want to install from scratch again. It saves having to download it all again if I ever need to.

Yes, this has baffled many of us and is a recent change in the Steinberg Download Manager. Previously, you could download seperately and choose what you wanted to install; now, it just goes ahead and installs everything without asking. I guess that’s progress, but it seems to me that SDM is still a work in progress, for example it will reinstall the eLicenser Control Center even if you already have that exact version installed.

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Thx a lot for your help!
I got it now. :wink:
And seems I’m happy concerning the grace period, which started at November, 10th… :grinning: