Upgrade from elements 8 to 11 on the cheap

Hi. Is it possible to upgrade from elements 8 to 11 or do I have to buy it out right? Trying to save a few quid if possible. Just wondering do they give money off if you have had cubase previously. Thanks.

Just click on “Buy Cubase 11” button and select the options you want.

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Thanks, Jim. Just looking for elements 11, don’t think I need anything more for what I’m at right now. Upgraded to 8 years ago with out having to pay the full price, just wondering was something similar available, probably not.

The answer above showed that you can update to the most recent version without paying full price?

Yes, it is. Either through the Steinberg shop, or elsewhere. Such as …

Steinberg Cubase 11 Elements - Update from Cubase Elements 6-10.5 (download) | Sweetwater

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Thanks, Scab. Where is it available on Steinberg?
I have looked, just can’t see it. Thanks again.

Nevermind, got there in the end. Thanks to all that replied, I appreciated the help.

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