Upgrade from Elements 9.5.30 to Pro


I am a Cubase Elements 9.5.30 user and bought the upgrade to Cubase 9.5 Pro.
My question is simple.
When upgrading to Pro, do I need to keep Elements aswell on my pc or can I uninstall that one safely ?
Both are 64 bit versions.

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yoy can uninstall it safely, so far as i know. all projects made with elements will load in pro. it are two seperate programs, with different licenses/activition. i do not think you can use both, because you bought an upgrade, so you have only now the license of pro? you can see it in your account.

Yes, you can un-install but don’t need to.

The Pro license allows you to use lower versions so Elements will work just fine as long as you have the USB eLicenser plugged in.

Since it’s an upgrade you won’t be able to use Elements without the USB dongle any more though.

Great ! Thank you guys for your fast and clear answer.
This takes away my concerns :+1:

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I don’t think you can run elements on a pro licence, only previous pro versions like 8 and 7 etc. Going from elements to pro you do need a dongle!

You absolutely can run Elements on a Pro license…I discovered it by accident.

The dongle was included with the Pro upgrade offer. It was a 40% off offer this month by Steinberg.
Offercode was UPGRADE18
The offer was valid until 07/15 but the code still works at this moment.
When ordering Pro you can choose between several upgrade offers, Elements, LE and Artist was one of them.

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Where did you see this offer was only valid till 07/15? You’re apparently the only person who has seen the offer advertised in any way if that’s true…but maybe you’re confusing the upgrade with the update offer that ended on 07/16.

correct it was until 07/16, but I ordered yesterday with that code which still was accepted.

sorry , the code was UPDATE18 , I was also surprised the code was still accepted. I paid 292 euro instead of 459 which seems a good deal.

UPDATE18 is not working.

You used the UPGGRADE18 code. Like I said…this has not been advertised anywhere. Possibly it’s an August deal that went live early.

okay, I was also struggling with that code I remember.
So maybe some lucky shot which went well :wink:

I got the code by mail in an instance and today got confirmation that the dongle was on its way.
Sorry again for the confusion Grim.

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Not a problem…just wouldn’t want any user hoping to update Cubase to think they can still get a deal that is ended.

To be clear update is from earlier version to later version so couldn’t work for your purchase even if it was still valid. upgrade is from lower to higher version.

Well, I don’t know if it’s a problem with marketing at Steinberg but reading this thread, I tried just for fun to write UPGRADE18 in the voucher section of the web store and my upgrade from Ele to Artist went from 300$ to 180$CAD. Bought it!!