Upgrade from Elements 9 to Artist 11. No license to upgrade selectable

I have purchased the Cubase Artist 11 upgrade. When I try open the program I get an error message saying ‘No license to upgrade found’. Can anybody help ?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase Artist requires USB-eLicenser. Did you buy one?

You have to transfer Cubase Elements license to the UBS-eLicenser first. To do so, drag and drop the Elements license from the right side of the eLCC window to the USB-eLicenser icon. Then you can upgrade the Elements license.

Thanks for your reply. I never purchased the USB-eLicenser. When making the purchase there was some confusion as to whether or not the existing soft-eLicenser for Elements 9 was sufficient. I presume I must go ahead and purchase the USB-eLicenser ?


Exactly. You an do so by your local store. So you don’t have to wait.

There is a shipping charge of 29.95 euros, which cannot be deselected on the shopping cart. Would you perhaps know if I have to pay this as well ?


As I said, I would recommend you to buy it from your local store.

Is the eLicenser not available as a software download, is the USB the only option ?


Soft-eLicenser is available for Cubase AI, LE and Elements. For Cubase Artist and Pro, you need the hardware USB-eLicenser.

Ok thanks.

You will quite often find music retailers selling then on eBay – I bought mine this way.

I have eventually received the USB-eLicenser. Unfortunately it’s still giving me trouble. The message says ‘Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license.’

Here is the option I selected when purchasing Cubase 11 Artist.


Please, blur the USB-eLicenser Number and Soft-eLicenser Number at your screenshots.

Could you add another screenshot, where we would see the right side of the eLCC application, when the Soft-eLicenser is selected on the left side, please? Just to see the license (hopefully Cubase Elements 9), you really have. Don’t forget to blur the numbers again, please.

Are you sure, there is Cubase Elements license? Isn’t it Cubase AI or Cubase LE license by any chance?

This is what displays when I open the old software.
Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 4.06.38 PM


Even this one shows, it’s Cubase AI (not Elements). And I’m sure, the license is also named Cubase AI 9, not Cubase Elements 9. This means, you bought wrong upgrade. Please get in contact with AskNet (which operates the Steinberg Online Shop) to refund and buy the right upgrade, please.


I deleted your other post, because the numbers were not blurred. But I saw the screenshots and Cubase AI 9 license sits there on the USB-eLiceser, now. Not Cubase Elements 9.

Hi Martin. Thanks for your assistance. There has been no action from Asknet or Steinberg. Maybe they don’t understand that I actually want to by their product.