Upgrade from Elements to Artist - License question


Last week I purchased an upgraded from Elements to Artist.

When looking at my current licenses, I can still see my old Element license so my question is if I still can reactivate and use
Element on another computer?


If you still see the elements license, you certainly haven´t activated your Artist version yet, since that overwrites the Elements license.

Both Products are activated according to the “my products” page (see below)

Cubase Artist 10.5
Activation status:Product activated on 13/11/2019

Cubase Elements 10
Activation status:Product activated on 08/05/2019


That is on your mySteinberg account, I guess…?
The active license in the eLicenser control center is what counts.

I can see now that the purchase was actually an upgrade from Ai to Artist and not from Elements to Artist.

I got two AI license when I bought some Yamaha equipment before, so then it will make sense I guess.


So then yes, if you still have a separate Elements license, then you can re-activate it on another computer.