Upgrade from Elements to Pro 4 - Still opens as Elements

I tried out Elements, and just upgraded to Pro. But no matter what I do, it still opens as Elements. Can’t seem to access Pro. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

Looks like a license problem — the three versions of Dorico are the same program, the only difference is the license, that will allow one, two, or the three flavours to open…
Have you checked your MySteinberg account, to make sure your update has been taken into account?

If you run the Steinberg Activation Manager, what licenses does it show? Also, are you running the most recent version (1.3.1)? If not I would definitely upgrade SAM - earlier versions had some problems in this sort of situation.

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Hi Marc,
It seems that I downloaded the wrong version of Dorico Pro 4. The SAM said that I needed to download “Dorico Pro 4 Upgrade from Element 4”. But no such name existed in the SAM. So I downloaded the Dorico Pro 4 Update, and that seems to have worked.
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

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Yes, you’re correct…I didn’t see those other versions, so I just downloaded Dorico Pro 4. What I needed was the Dorico Pro 4 update.