Upgrade from Elements to Pro


Just wondering if there is an upgrade path from Elements to Pro and if so whether this path results in no greater overall charge for Pro by reaching it in two jumps.



Yes, there is indeed a path from Elements to Pro, and I think it might even work out about €10 cheaper to do that than to buy Pro in the first place. It’s certainly no more expensive, though do bear in mind that if you are eligible for educational pricing, you would be better off buying Dorico Pro to begin with, as there is no educational pricing available for the upgrade from Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro, or at least you would be better off buying a new educational Dorico Pro license rather than the trade-up.

It would be nice if there was a cross grade price available to upgrade from Elements to Pro.

Bill, Doesn’t this already add up to cross-grade pricing?

If upgrading Elements was significantly cheaper than buying Pro to start with, then everyone would do that, just for the saving!

The Pro cross grade is USD 280

Elements is USD 100 with a $450 upgrade to pro.

What I’m saying is that for those eligible for a cross grade, it would be nice to upgrade from Elements to Pro for about $180

If you’re eligible for the crossgrade, maybe buy the crossgrade to Pro to begin with, rather than Elements!

So the question on License upgrade is not the same as the installation. This question is on the Installation of PRO, when we already have Elements.

Do we just install right over it? or, do we need to uninstall Elements first. (This is on a Windows PC btw)

Any pointers?

You don’t uninstall, install or reinstall anything. You just get the new licence recognised by elicenser.

There’s only ONE Dorico application. It runs as either Elements or Pro, depending on which licence is present.