Upgrade from End of Summer Sale - What if not activated?

The person that I do engraving work for, purchased Dorico Pro 3.5 during the end of summer sale.

Due to other factors going on in his life, I do not believe he activated the software. I see that the grace period is good only for those that “activated” the software. Is this true?


Can you find out when exactly he bought it?

I’m looking into it.


If the software wasn’t activated at the time, then the good news is that if it is activated now, then the automatic grace period process should work, i.e. your colleague should activate the software in eLicenser Control Center (no need to actually download and install Dorico 3.5 itself, provided when they run eLicenser Control Center they see a Soft-eLicenser listed there).

Then after you activate Dorico 3.5, running the maintenance tasks in eLCC should show a prompt that will take you online to redeem the grace period update to Dorico 4.