upgrade from H3 to H4 - Australia...how???


i am excited to get H4, can you please tell me when it will be available in Australia, and how the process works in Australia for upgrade and what the cost is…in AUD $.

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bump…any idea…Beuler…Beuler…Beuler…

Does it say anything if you go to the shop at www.steinberg.net and click on HALion 4?

it refuses to let me order on the steinberg.net website, it suggests i contact Yamaha Australia, and the Yamaha Australia website does not have ANYTHING on Halion. type Halion into website searchbox, and …nada. nothing. no Halion 4 section or product information AT ALL.

plenty of rubbish on the Yamaha Australia site about buying brass/woodwind instruments tho. pffftt. Great if you are some dork in the market for a trombone. not exactly looking after Steinbergs best interests.

so please Steinberg can you let me upgrade to Halion 4 with your website online directly…i wish to download it.

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Hi there,

please get in touch with Yamaha Australia via the following details or write me an e-mail [m.becker(at)steinberg.de] I will get somebody in Australia to take care of you.


Unfortunately, this product cannot be downloaded as it is only a boxed version. Even in other countries it is not ppossibel because the content size is big. However, if you had HALion Sonic you could upgrade from this to HALion 4 via download.

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Melanie Becker
Export Channel Manager

Just letting you know that you are not the only one in Australia feeling the isolation from support.

We unfortunately have a completely unacceptable situation here regarding s/b products. I have recently had to contact SB for some support regarding MXFs, AAFs and Nuendo, and it was a very disappointing experience. No response at all from the website form for over a week. It was only after I contacted SB support through other international channels that I got a response from local support, and that unfortunately was from staff who were already overworked. Australia didn’t have any product specialists in the area (they were instead acting as “conduits” of the information to folks in germany, and that really was not a successful method of getting to the bottom of the problem!)

There is no way that Australian businesses can use SB products in a “facility” fashion with no real professional support on the ground. And this is significantly impacting on the penetration of their products in our market.

To read that you have problems with a simple upgrade is not surprising, yet it is completely unacceptable. I hope that voicing concerns can somehow lead to constructive changes.