Upgrade from Halion 3 to Halion 5

Will that be possible?

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We cannot upgrade to Halion 4 from H3 anymore so there should be an upgrade to H5 from H3 too. Otherwise it would be a dead end, which is not what Steinberg is doing for e.g. older versions of Cubase. I have a H4 and another H3 license and in the longer run I would upgrade both. But i it is not possible for H3 to upgrade I would be forced to buy new again. Seems not fair to me.

Same issue for me… however it seems possible anyway.


Hey Guys, this should be of help to you!


I mailed the support but no answer concerning this.

Yeah, not sure why this is not simply an option in the web shop. At one point I saw a post from someone at Steinberg indicating that an update was not possible prior to v4 - I think that post disappeared or at least I can’t find it.

I did act pretty quickly and ordered a Halion 4 update from my v3 online before their stock ran out. So I took advantage of the grace period update to v5.