Upgrade from HS 2 to HS 3

I downloaded and installed the new Halion Sonic 3 upgrade from HS 2. Installation seemed to go well. Program installed and i was able to register it no problem. I was able to load the VST plugin with Sonar Platinum and as a standalone program as usual. The problem is that i get an error window in both cases that says i have “Missing Audio Files” i can see all the Halion Sonic 3 files on my computer but the program does not seem to be able to find them. The instrument page window only shows the Halion Sonic 2 instruments…anyone else have a problem with this?

same here


I have the same experience: the new Halion 6 instruments are not displayed in the instruments window. And the script error indicator is red (with some patches like hexagon). The repair tools (in the installation programs) didn’t solve these problems. What is the best thing to do?

No help from tech support yet…they asked me to reinstall the program but that didn’t help…I think the upgrade install process has a problem…i asked for a fresh full version install of Halion Sonic 3 from tech support…in that case we will have to wipe out the current installed version and start over…not sure if they will agree to that…i will let you know when i find out.

Hello everyone…problem solved…turns out that nothing from the Halion Sonic 2 install is needed and must play some roll in creating this problem…i found out that the upgrade to HS 3 is the same as the stand alone program…you must completely delete the HS directories and start over with a fresh install…you don’t have to download the files again…just reinstall from scratch…i have the program working fine now…the only issue i have now is that i am totally underwhelmed by the new Eagle and Raven grand pianos…the old Dark Grand sounds much better than these pianos…i will keep my Ivory II and Ravenscroft 275 for sure…the HS 3 pianos are only good for effects…like the Rapture Pro pianos…oh well…what did i expect for an extra $100.00