upgrade from LE 1.0.10

I used LE 1.0.10 for the last 4 years and for what I do, it was perfect! When I switched over to Windows 7, cubase worked for a few months. Now I cannot access any of my projects, I get a error message that “there is no disk in the drive, please insert disk into drive, blah, blah, blah” I’m assuming this is because this version of cubase is not compatible with Win 7. So, my question is this: Whichever version I choose to upgrade to, will I be able to import my old cubase project files into the new version without a problem?

http://www.steinberg.net -> shop -> Cubase. Look, if you can still find an update to any version of Cubase 6 from Le 1 (which I don´t believe…). Also on the Steinberg Site, there is a project compatibility chart, which tells you, which version opens which version´s project. The link was posted here several times already.

Hello jcaron1974,

I’m sorry, but we do not offer any upgrades anymore from Cubase LE 1. In this case you have to buy a full version. Please notice that the generation leap between Cubase LE 1 and Cubase 6 is huge, so we cannot guaranty that Cubase LE 1 projects will open correctly in the current Cubase versions.