Upgrade from LE 10.5 to Elements 10.5

i bought the Upgrade from LE to Elements 10.5, which was offered as discounted the past months.
it must be somethind wrong with me, but after weeks i still have not understood how to perform such upgrade, nor i have found instruction / howto / tutorial.

i tried uninstalling LE first and reinstall the downloader i received with the order, but i got back to LE.

which is the process to perform the Upgrade?

thanks in advance


Hi and welcome,

Cubase LE and Cubase Elements share the very same executable. So you don’t have to uninstall Cubase LE. Just activate your upgrade Activation Code in the eLCC application. Once you do this and start your Cubase LE/AI/Elements.exe, Cubase Elements will start (thanks to the upgraded license).