Upgrade From LE 6 to 7 Elements


I just bought a Native Instruments Komplete 6 Audio interface and it came with a copy of Cubase 6 LE. I noticed and add on the Cubase site for an upgrade from LE 6 to Elements 7 for half the full price for Elements 7.
I have downloaded the version in the link and received a activation code.
My question is what is the installation procedure for this upgrade.

  • Do I have to leave LE 6 on the machine and install over the top?
  • Do I have to simply install the Elements 7 and include a code from that came with my copy of LE 6 (I haven’t found one)?
    It just seemed odd to me that I wasn’t asked for any proof of ownership of the LE 6 version before they sold me Elements 7 at the discount… how do they even know I have a copy of that product???
    Also… what’s the situation with having 32 and 64 bit versions installed of either or both these versions of Cubase? Can I mix and match… or do I have to have installed the 64bit version of LE 6 before I can install the 64bit version of 7 Elements.

    Many thanks.


Hello Jason,

Steinberg knows you have LE6 because you registered it through mysteinberg in order be able to get a username for this forum correct? :slight_smile:

Having LE6 installed on your computer is not necessary (32 or 64-bit) for Elements 7, though you can have them both installed. So yes you can mix and match.

I do recall a possible issue with needing to clear preferences for both a Cubase 6 product-then again Cubase 7 after install. But that may have been resolved.

Hi Jimmy…

I was wondering for that very reason… Ive only just bought the pack with LE 6, and im fairly sure I havent registered yet.


Software registration is no longer a precondition to havning access to the forum. Also, I’ll move this to the LE forum, where you will have a better chance of getting an answer.