Upgrade from LE12 to Elements 13 on macOs

until now, I was working with Cubase LE 12, but decided to upgrade to Cubase Elements 13. I have purchased the upgrade through Steinberg website and entered the license code into Download Assistant, which seemed to have gone alright. I can see Cubase Elements 13 in My Products.

However, there is apparently one common binary for Cubase LE/AI/Elements 13, which is what I have downloaded through the assistant. When I open Cubase, it still shows as Cubase LE 13 and does not have Cubase Elements features.

How do I get the upgrade to work? I am using this on macOs Sonoma.

Start the Activation Manager and see if your Elements version is activated. If it is not it will simply still start the LE version, the software is identical, it is just the license that makes it different.

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This is indeed the step I was missing. It is now working. Thank you for your swift help!