Upgrade from N7 to N8

I am preparing to upgrade from N7 to N8. Is it still possible to run N7 when N8 is installed, or can the new license only be used with N8? In the past I’ve upgraded from N6 to N7 but I can’t remember if I was still able to run N6.

Just want to make sure that if N8 should give some problems on my system, I would still be able to startup N7.

All paid upgrades for Steinberg’s DAWs (Nuendo, Cubase, Wavelab, possibly Dorico) are installed side by side as separate programs so you can go back to working with the previous version if you run into issues.

since the OP’s concern was addressed,

…In considering a possible 7 to 8 switch,

-Can anyone kindly speak to whether there is a Mac OS that might be considered to be more optimal for NU8 ?
-any other persuavive reasons to go to 8 if one is doing music prod and not post ?
(and yes, I know I should just be on Cubase but have been w Nuendo since ver. 1. nuts I know)

Appreciate any thoughts.

I would not suggest to upgrade considering the poor performance of the new video engine :frowning: Better wait until Steinberg completely addresses this issue…

Thanks for the replies. I am still in doubt whether or not to upgrade to N8. I will make use of the current 40% discount that is offered right now, but if the new video engine is not reliable at this moment, I will continue to use N7 for now.

I don’t have any specific reasons to upgrade right now. The new features in N8 are nice but I don’t really need them for my daily work (Audio Postproduction). What I would really like to see in future updates is better MXF support and AAF import functionality. When I import an AAF which has files with multiple sample rates, the audiofiles are messed up, and there is now reliable way to correct this other than using ProTools to import correctly and re-export the AAF. I would also like to see track edit link, like in ProTools.

If N8 features these significant additions for postproduction, I would really like to use it. Meanwhile, I can still “testdrive” the current N8 version, while still being able to run N7. That’s why I started this topic in the first place.

I can very much relate in that, I don’t NEED 8 but with the sale on for another week, trying to consider if it would be wise to go for it.

The video engine issues are concerning but to try to give Steinberg the benefit of doubts, I’d like to think there will be an update to address this. Soon.

…In my dreams,
there will be an update for 8 that gets MAC users closer to the comparably much better user experience & snappiness that PC users enjoy.
Has me considering bailing on MAC just to put together Nuendo only machine. but unable to at this time.

I still love my Mac Pro 5.1 which I will be upgrading very soon with new processor, graphics card, and SSD drive. I still prefer the Mac environment over Windows. I did read some posts on this forum that say that the N8.2 update has improved performance on Mac.

So I think I will install N8.2 next to N7 to test it’s performance and stability. But since I really depend on a stable system for my day to day work, I will only make the definite switch to N8 when I am fully convinced. There are some features that I think are great, like the direct offline processing, and the alignment tool. But I would love to see a “track edit link” functionality, and improved AAF and MXF import. It is also a shame that the “Replace audio in video file” option is gone. But I understand that there is a great application that can do that: https://audiospot.audio/audiospot-creativetools


Here is a simple explanation of how to do it with cmd line.

Guys, take my word for it:

N8.0x was a complete and utter mess, but 8.2x is behaving very well here and I think it’s a welcome step forward.
I was on the verge of leaving Nuendo because I saw it stagnate or even worse turn into a very buggy platform, but Steinberg are back in the saddle now. I just hope someting like the 8.0 release never happens again.