Upgrade from Pro 7.5 to Elements

Basically, I don’t have £171 to upgrade to Pro 10.5. I have the full version of 7.5 but it’s blacklisting a load of my plugins and I can’t fix it. Have been trying to sort out the issue for months and, today, Cubase decided to blacklist yet more of my plugins which I have been using in projects previously, thus meaning I can’t continue these projects. These are all legit and paid for; I’ve requested help but nothing Steinberg has suggested fixes the issue.

I’ve tried updating my OS and the plugins are then recognisable in Cubase, but Steinberg never bothered fixing the problems that my audio interface has with Cubase in El Capitan, even though people reported these issues in 2016.

The upgrade from Elements 7.5 to Elements 10.5 is only £17 but I don’t know if I can upgrade Pro 7.5 to Elements 10.5.

Also, Elements 10.5 doesn’t include Retrologue, Prologue etc… From checking other posts here, I presume I won’t be able to use the versions of these plugins I paid for previously when I bought 7.5 if I upgrade to Elements 10.5. Is that correct?

I never seen an option to downgrade your version in updates. I guess you should contact Steinberg sales.

If you already have been in touch with Steinberg for support I guess they have suggested to delete the blacklist?

I have no experience with mac but you write that you updated your OS? I always read about compatibility problems with new mac os. Shouldn’t you just go back to an old OS version when everything was working?

Going from Pro to Elements is a downgrade, not an upgrade, which is why it is not available.

and if you plan to continue using el cap, i would guess cubase 10.5 would not work very well. Going from pro to elements = downgrade, going from 7.5 to 10.5 = upgrade. Perhaps you should not update your plugs, but find an older version of them. Im guessing your plugs could be working with cubase 7.5 but are not compatible with el cap.