Upgrade from SX2 to 7.5

Hi folks,

I took early retirement 10 years ago and basically hardly used Cubase sx2 since then. Now I am feeling like getting back into music again and am upgrading the PC, Cubase, NI etc.
I have already ordered the upgrade from SX2 to 7.5 and all I really want to know is if I just need to install 7.5 on the new computer (Windows 7) and sort out the dongle codes or is it more complicated than that. Presumably I don’t need to install SX2 on the new PC (It probably won’t work with Windows 7 anyway.)



New forum member.

Yes, it’s just that simple.

Thanks Steve. Methinks my nearly 60 year old brain is not going to know what hit it. lol

Hey, Jeff, how are you? Hopefully upgrade worked out for you…just wondering where did you get this upgrade coz I’m also interested in this renewability myself. still having SX2 & would like to upgrade it to somthing new…
Thanx in advance,

Hi Alex or anyone else who may have the answer
Can I upgrade from SX2 to 7.5 or any other newer cubase?
I am still on xp but don’t mind setting up new windows 7
Im also using Delta 66 Omni preamp & card and hope I can get windows 7 drivers

Then go to “shop” -> Cubase Pro 9"