Upgrade from v9.5 to v10 increases 30€

Why suddenly ugrading from my WaveLab v9.5 to v10 increases from 70€ to 100€, WHY?!!!

There was initially a sale price for WaveLab 10 upgrades and full purchases that expired Dec 31. Is that what you mean by suddenly, or are you seeing something else?

I checked my orders over the last 3-4 years - pricing seems to be stable.

I actually paid less for the upgrade to v10 than the upgrade to v9.

That said - I still have not installed v10 due to a variety of stability and other issues.


I had no idea at all there was a sale price expiring Dec 31. I saw 69,99€ then and now that I’ve decided to buy the upgrade I see 99,99€. So the question is answered. If I had known it I’d have bought it on Dec. Damn it! Thanks, Justin P and Vocalpoint.