Upgrade from Wavelab Elements 7 to Wavelab Elements 10

I have a license for Wavelab Elements 7 and I would like to upgrade to Wavelab Elements 10 but the description requires the Windows 10 operating system. Unfortunately, I am still working on Windows 7 due to forcing many faulty Microsoft updates I feel safer on Win7. Therefore, I have a question whether after purchasing the upgrade to a higher version I will be able to use it on Windows 7? Unfortunately, I can’t download the demo version of Wavelab Elements 10 because I don’t receive the activation code or the download link to my email. Can you write me back how to install the demo version or ensure that the new version 10 will work on Windows 7?

It could work, but there is no guarantee.

BTW, it was Windows 10’s 5th birthday this week or so :wink: