upgrade from WL Elements 7 to WL E 9

…been using WL elements 7 for several years now, want to upgrade to v9.

several questions occured:

system compatibilty:
i’m still on mac os x 10.9.5 (and don’t want to upgrade now because all other audio-applications and the whole system runs stable this way, so not interested in changing that right away)
is it generally possible to downgrade to WL elements 8 after having bought a WL elements 9 licence? just in case WL elements 9 will not run on os x 10.9.5 (which it officially won’t as system requirements say)
or has anyone experience in running WL elements 9 on os x 10.9.5?

licence managing:
software licencing still possible? (for WL elements 7 it still is) or do i really need another hardware-key to make the program run? i’m already using an ilok for a lot of stuff, not really interested in buying just another hardware-licence-key for one other program i want to use.

p.s. oficially i can’t answer all these questions myself with simply using a trial version because for that one already needs an usb-licence key. or am i wrong?

thanks a lot for your answers, cheers

I don’t know anything about Mac compatibility, but if you get a WL9 license, you’re entitled to use all previous versions. It’s not really a downgrade because WL versions can exist next to each other.

With a full license there’s no way around the USB e-Licenser. With Elements you can still use the soft e-Licenser.

…thanks a lot Arjan for chiming in so quickly, very appreciated!
sounds good re the versions that can be used next to each other, didn’t know that! same goes for the software e-licencer!

if anyone knows about unoffical compatiblity re wavelab 9 / mac os x 10.9.5 answers are very much welcome! thanks!

Download the WL Elements trial and you can find out yourself if it works. Elements doesn’t need a dongle.

…thanks for your answers -
made it work, WL elements 9 is running smoothly on mac os x 10.9.5. no problems occured.
impressive improvements over v7 (did skip v8 back then), like it a lot!