Upgrade from XP to Win 7 a mistake in the Cubase world?

Have recently upgraded my operating system from XP to win7 32bit.
Now Im able to open aprox 50% of my old projects. I either get a “cubase has stopped working” or
“c++ runtime error” or it just freezes. Remember crashes like this from the windows 95 era. Thank you Steinberg.

It is impossible to localize the problem because the lack of logfile or to open the projects in “safe mode”. If there are plugs and instruments that makes the crashes, I need to no which one!

What is the best alternative? Go back to XP or change to ProTools? I would consider upgrading to v.6 of cubase, but what guarantees do I have that it works better? My prio in music production is a STABLE system.

Running Cubase 5 & Motu 828mkII, 8gb ram & QuadCore.

Rename the Plugin folder, then you´ll at least know, if it´s Cubase or any of the Plugins…

What guarantee do you have, something else will work and it´s not your system, or a plugin, something else…? None, so…

So the question is, why you did change your running system in the first place. Would have been a good idea to make a backup image of your working XP system before…

So the only way to determin the crashing plug would be to disable the whole plugin directory? Crash report or log would be so much more clever. Much because I found the errors showing up irregulary in different types of projects.
Note that it is not only the plug itself that crashes - it’s the entire program that stops working!
Every time a project crashes, It gives me no other option then to spend hours with trial and error.

The reason I upgraded OS is the same as the many others who left windows for mac. It’s also an old an dated operating system…

There’s no reason for you to upgrade to W7 x86 from XP. :confused:

Why break something that worked for no reason? Some of the causes of your issues could be anything from outdated drivers to the different location of files between OS’s to incompatible apps or system hardware/ drivers etc…

It’s ALWAYS better to fresh install rather than upgrade an OS. If you knew how to multi-boot with hidden OS partitions, you could have XP and C5 on a Studio partition and W7 to “play” with on another. You can do it without hidden partitions, but I don’t recommend it for a number of reasons.

If anything, you’d have gotten more bang with XP and learning to use the 3GB switch.

I have the 3Gb switch and the latest drivers. And a clean install. When is the time for upgrading OS? 2050?
It’s not that win 7 is brand new.

The problem is that I get to many unadressed errors in Cubase. c++ runtime error - check! computer freezes - check!
sound card hangs - check!

My point was the upgrade from XP 32 bit to W7 32 bit wasn’r really an upgrade, there’s no performance gain and actually a loss considering the larger memory footprint of W7.

Sorry, I’m just in urge to make it absolutely clear: mashedmitten wanted to say that you should upgrade to W7 64bit instead :wink:


Already tried without 3 GB switch’? I remember having read about some people having problems with that in Win XP in the old forum already…