Upgrade Groove Agent SE 5 to Groove Agent 5

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Say, when I go to the Steinberg Website to Upgrade Grove Agent, I only see the option to upgrade from Groove Agent 4.

How do I Upgrade Groove Agent SE 5 to Groove Agent 5?


there is no upgrade from SE version (Groove Agent or Halion Sonic)

Okay, so what does one do if they need a full version of Groove Agent? Currently, I have GA 5 SE which comes with Cubase 10.5.

Are you saying I need to buy the full version because there are no upgrades?

Correct - you have to buy a full version of Groove Agent 5 or Absolute 4 because owning Cubase 10.5 does not entitle you to upgrade pricing.

There are no reduced price routes to any Steinberg instruments based on owning a Steinberg DAW. There used to be one exception - there used to be a reduced price route to Padshop Pro if you already had Padshop as part of a DAW, but with the release of Padshop 2 the formerly Pro-only functionality was rolled into the base product and this add-on licence product disappeared.

Absolute 4 can be good value (especially if you managed to buy it in the recent 50% off sale) - it is cheaper than buying Groove Agent 5 and HALion 6 seperately, plus you get some chargeable expansions for Groove Agent and HALion, also The Grand 3, Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 (plus a chargeable expansion). Even if you already have a licence for Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 as part of Cubase 10.5, Absolute is still a good deal. However, if you really only want Groove Agent 5, buy Groove Agent 5. You can always upgrade from Groove Agent to Absolute later if you want, though it is more expensive than buying a full version of Absolute outright.

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Thanks for the very detailed and thorough answer.


I wouldn’t bother upgrading to GA 5. I did that in November 2019 and still dont have a reliably working copy.

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