Upgrade Halion 6 to Halion 7 / Verification Pending!

Hello community
Just bought an upgrade from Halion 6 to Halion 7. I have Absolute 4 and I use my Halion 6 properly and registered. I upgrade to Halion 7 and old one is disappeared. In addition, in my e-licenser there is no way to process the activation upgrade because there is absolute 4 package and not halion 6 which is actually also purchased through the Absolute package and is licensed. On the Halion 7 page and in buying process is not an option to upgrade in a difrent way if you have Absolute package …
So now my Halion 7 will expired after 10 days …

If someone have a solution will be great !

As far as I know this is not possible, products that are included in the Absolute package can not be upgraded outside of it. You need to upgrade Absolute 4 to Absolute 6 in this case.

So this explains it, as I said above, you need to upgrade the Absolute package.

Hi noticed this problem before I tried to upgrade.just checked latest absolute collection and there is absolutely no indication that you will never be able to upgrade halion 7 unless you upgrade via absolute.come on Steinberg I was under the impression when I purchased absolute 4 that everything in it were the full product.this smacks of sleight of hand from Steinberg.please do the right thing and make all of these previous instruments upgradable singularly and when advertising all future absolute collections that everyone is fully aware before purchasing that halion groove agent etc are not full products as has been the case up until now.