upgrade hs2 to hs3 license not working


I bought the upgrade hs2 to hs 3.
Hs2 was included in the absolute+ version.

The elicenser says its an educational hs2 version, which is not .
And doesn’t accept the activation code.

Anymore with this problem?


Dear Steinber
I posted my request ticket a month ago

Still did not hear anything exept 1 excuse mail for the delay 2 weeks ago.
Still waiting.


I am not 100% sure, but if HS2 is a part of absolute and absolute is on the dongle a hs2 to 3 will not work. Only absolute 2 to 3 will. And AFAIKS it will cost the same. If this is the case I am sure Steinberg/asknet will exchange it!


The halion sonic2 was included in absolute +.
Which i did not remember at the time of buying hs3.
I did made a ticket to get an answer from steinberg, but still radio silence.

The absolute + is not in the list for upgrade, but the upgrade from 1 to 3 is to expensive for me.


I have a similar problem. Bought the Halion 2 in January and got a free upgrade.
Problem is that i can´t register Halion3 OR the USB E-licenser cause the “USB e-licenser number is already registred by another user” :open_mouth:
I bought it new…

And as you say, dead silence from support. I have a ticket since February 22