Hello all… First off, please forgive me if this is been answered or documented somewhere, but I would like to know,

:Can I Upgrade my CUBASE STUDIO 4 to CUBASE 6?

Will the Upgrade price of $149 pertain to me?

Again, It is a bit unclear whether I can do this or not from My current version of Cubase…

Really want to upgrade but just would like to know this information…

Another thing: I live in the Caribbean in Trinidad… Does the upgrade apply to my location??

Thanks in advance

Yes you can.

I don’t think so. To find out the price for your upgrade, go to: http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/cubase-6.html and select Upgrade from Cubase Studio 4 or Cubase Studio 5. For me it shows €205.69 (incl VAT).