Upgrade issue

Hi ,
iam using cubase le ai element 10 and few days ago i had purchase cubase element 10.5 for upgrade my software. .but my activation is failed…plz advice me. thanks

What exact version are you using, LE or AI or Elements? Which on of them are your license for?

Cubase ai…

Plz advc me…im new in cubase…thk you Sir

What exact upgrade did you buy?
Sound like you bought the wrong one.

What what the actual error message you got?
What were you upgrading from?
What were you upgrading too?

Sry sir… actually i think im wrong… bought update version of Cubase Element 10.5 not upgrade version…

its my fault. After go thrg the shop details agn …i found the issues. Thks for yr kind support n advc.

Thank you very much. I am also looking for the same. Can some one please respond.

I suggest you start a new thread and more importantly answer the questions I put above.