Upgrade issues with Cubase 6 -> 7.5 (have 6.5 installed)

I just purchased the upgrade from Cubase 6 to 7.5. I have Cubase 6.5 and assumed it wouldn’t be an issue, but eLicenser won’t let me upgrade. I assume the problem is that I have 6.4 instead of 6?

Is there a way to deal with this problem without having to return the product?


I’m having a very similar problem
I had Cubase Artist 7 and I bought an upgrade to Cubase full 7.5 last week.
When I launched the eLicenser to type my validation code, I first did an update as recommended and I ended up with having a license for Cubase Artist 7.5 and so, when I typed my code, it said that I had no license I could upgrade with it (since my upgrade was for Artist 7 to Full 7.5 and not Artist 7.5 to Full 7.5)

After contacting the customer service, it seems that it is because I have been upgrade from Artist 7 to Artist 7.5 thanks to the Grace Period policy of Steinberg and they advised me to get my last purchase canceled and refunded and then to buy again the right upgrade (Artist 7.5 to Full 7.5). Which is what I’m in the process of doing…

It seems very similar to your issue. Just check if you fulfilled the grace period criteria.

Hope it helps

Well, in my case I’ve bought a half grade MORE than I need, so I was hoping they could generate a code for me.