Upgrade Issues

Update from Cubase 8.5 Pro to Cubase 9 Pro

Issues so Far:

No preferences have been imported.
All of the asio settings, presets under devices are missing including routings and even the asio device that is activated.
None of the external vsts or or efx are mapped
Colour presets are missing

None of my FX lists have been imported.

Blacklisted plugins that are 64 bit and won’t reactivate include some surprises:
Izotope Neutron Advanced and most if not all izotope plugins.

I had the same issues with none of my settings, preferences, Plug Manager lists etc… The Profile Manager could see my name that I had set up, but nothing was right.

So I went back into 8.5 and the profile manager… then exported the profile I was using… then returned to V9 and imported the profile in the manager… set it as preferred user, then exited and then launched the app again… success with some of my preferences and plug in lists, but still a lot of plug ins not there, so just redirected them to the relevant folder and rescanned…

You may have to copy your templates manually… if you are using windows you will find them in the applications folder in the start menu.

The isotope one is a mystery… all black listed but all still working… hmmm

When I installed Isotope, I believe I installed both the 64 and 32 bit Plug-ins. CB9 might be blacklisting the 32 BIT versions while the 64 bit are still accepted and working???