Upgrade LE 8 to Elements 9

Is it possible to upgrade Cubase LE 8 to Elements 9 with discounted price as in case of upgrading LE8 -> Elements 8?
If possible, i’d like also to get trial version of Elements 9. I got version LE 8 installed and activated.

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It looks like it is an option available at the Steinberg online shop ($49.99). i don’t think trial versions are available yet.


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Ok thanks, got it. Now do i need to uninstall LE8 before installing E9? Or does it just replace older version automatically? I don’t want to have them both or just mess something up.

Is there some list of feature difference between these two versions. The only comparison documents I can find are between the commercial versions. I have LE 8 and was wondering what features are in Elements 9 that would make me want to upgrade.


I’ve found info on istalling here https://www.gearslutz.com/board/steinberg-cubase-nuendo/1053183-cubase-update-keeps-plugins-intact.html
Thread says, that you will keep both versions when updating from different version number. I also had to add some plugin locations. It’s so simple, but it is a little discouraging, that I had to find that by myself. Searched Steinberg faq for that with no success. Support contact is also not so good. Before that, i was trying to get demo of Elements 9, but couldn’t install that with LE8. And also had no success here with support contact.

32 bit plugins stopped working, which I wasn’t aware of. I recently found some 32 bit plugs i wanted to try.
I’m not sure if my LE8 is still working. It says that it can’t find plugins and there is no plugins to add as instrument track.

skryking, in Elements there are a few more features. You get Grove Agent SE, more effects plugins, more instrument and other tracks (LE had 8 instrument tracks) and probably some more.

That’s what i feel for now, i hope i’ll get along with that :slight_smile:


I updated Cubase LE8 to Elements9 last night. I paid £40 for the upgrade, half the price of the entire £80 package. There is no trial available at the moment.

Unfortunately for me, I downloaded it because I wanted the variaudio plugin which is only actually available on Cubase Pro (Silly me!) but it works fine, I’m able to access all my old files and it has more options and a bit more flexibility than LE.

So RhiRhi, can you confirm that there’s no VariAudio in Cubase Elements 9?
I was about to do the same move but now I’m suspicious.
although it does say here that it is included in CE9
wish they were clearer!!
Thank you

Reread the post and you´ll see, he/she can…

I wonder, if you can still quantize audio in Cubase EL9. Can you? And does it have pre-/post-record buffer?