"Upgrade License" crashes E Licenser software Nuendo 6

I just got another system from adkproaudio.com with Nuendo 6 NEK preinstalled.

2 issues really:

  1. When E Licenser asks for reg code, I enter the 5 to 6 code. It shows the 5 to 6 upgrade confirmation once the code is entered correctly. I click “upgrade license.” It crashes every time. OS is up to date. E Licenser software is the latest.
  2. When I enter the code for 5 NEK to 6 NEK, it tells me I don’t have a valid license to upgrade. I am a registered user of Nuendo since version 1. I bought the Nu4 with NEK and Nu5 (with NEK I thought). I have also bought every version of Cubase since VST/24. I have also bought every Wavelab.
    MySteinberg tells me I have 2 license instances of Nuendo5 which is strange. Somewhere in the back of my mind it seems I like I have kept up all my registrations. Between multiple Cubase and Nuendo purchases, I have paid multiple times for the same Cubase/NEK content.

So basically, license upgrade attempts crash the software. But even if the E Licenser software did not crash, it appears that I wouldn’t be able to use the Nu6 with NEK upgrade I bought from ADK with my new system.

ADK has contacted Yamaha/Steinberg US and a support request has been filled out. I am going on my third day waiting for a response. Can somebody there help an old, faithful customer out? I just want to have one of my systems running Cu7 while the other runs Nu6 with NEK, so we have interchangeable session data. Just tell me what I need to do to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Hello JT,

sorry that you encounter problems with updating your license. I’ll contact you via PM.



  1. Elicenser still crashes when I run “upgrade license” on my newer system, but my older computer did the licence upgrade with no problem. Perhaps there is an incompatibility issue with the new system configuration. Steinberg US support called me about solving it, but I couldn’t stop my studio sessions to work on the issue. Thanks to Steinberg US for the follow up. I am certain we will solve the problem when I have some free time.
  2. My registration issue was quickly resolved. Special thanks to Steinberg and Timo in Hamburg for your help! It was my error that caused the registration problem in the first place. I apologize for the oversight.

My studios have used both Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase since the late 90s. I have recommended the programs to many artists and producers.

I wish continued success to everyone at Steinberg.