Upgrade license problem

After an upgrade from Artist 11 to 13 Pro I get messages saying i must complete activation. I have followed all the instructions, updated my e-licenses but it only says Activation Pending and will expire in 4 days. I have reloaded Activation Download Mgr. Always end up back at beginning. Help!!! it also says to use “maintenance” button to et CB to recognize my e license. Again. help!!!

Yes I’m having a similar problem, assistant manage does not work or partially works and then I get the message to stop my download assistant.,…I do everything I can and it still will not load or allow me to move forward. Paid product and nothing. I have sent a ticket in but off course now one works on the weekend.

Same here. It doesn’t recognize my Cubase 11 license on my e-licenser. It doesn’t show it as an upgradable license.