Upgrade my Pro 10 to Pro 11. I can get this for 159.00 usd?

I’m in the US. So am I reading his correctly? About to build a new pc then upgrade my Pro 10 to Pro 11. I can get this for 159.00 usd via sweetwater? And this is as good as if I did fresh install for full 11 Pro software on new PC?

The license activation (as of now by way of eLCC and USB-eLicenser) is completely independent of the actual software installation. Update your license on the USB-eLicenser, install the full Cubase 11 pro files from the SDA, and you should be good to go. Also, you will be within the grace period for a free update to Cubase 12 whenever it is released and the new Steinberg licensing goes “dongle-less”. The way I understand things, you will also still be able to use Cubase 11 with the dongle as well as Cubase 12 with the new system.

Thanks for the reply. Was really curious if the sweet water upgrade is as good as buying a full version of cubase 11?

I’m not sure what you mean by “as good as”. There is no difference between an update and a new license as far as the software itself goes. I don’t see any reason to not update. No better time than right now, in my opinion. The only reason to purchase a full, new license would be if you really wanted two individual licenses. You don’t even need to install your previous version if you don’t want to. The license is what counts.

Thanks. Exactly what I needed to confirm. Just found it odd Steinberg wouldn’t offer the upgrade but Sweetwater is.

I’m confused … Steinberg definitely offers this up"date" through it’s online shop. I just posted this image in another thread …

However, I’m a Sweetwater fan and choose to purchase whatever I can from them. Especially if I can get 0% interest monthly payments!

It must have expired. There is another recent thread showing that going from 10 to 11 is not available. It’s only if you have 10.5…

No, that’s a pic of the current website with the current price.

Is the a USA based another country thing? Mine clearly states I can’t update from 10.0 going to exact link shown.

Can you do a screen grab of what you see?

See pic here….

Also spec note on upgrade selection as not from 10.0 seen here…

Well, I can’t tell what you’re looking at- the full url isn’t visible.

Anyway, what is clear is that they are offering what I and @Scab_Pickens have posted pics of.

I mean, you have Cubase 10.5 selected in the menu just below “Please choose”

But I don’t have 10.5. It’s the general Steinberg url. Cubase: Your guide to music production | Steinberg You’ll note the selection specifically advises that this is NOT an update from 10.0 which I have. Sweetwater is offering update from 10.0 which was why I was confused…

The update which you are in need of is clearly available through the Steinberg website.

I have no idea what is causing your complications.

So, choose the proper option?

That’s probably a browser or just a display issue. Below the item “Update from Cubase 10.5” of the drop down list there should be further items that get visible if you scroll up the list entries.