Upgrade offering

Hi there…

I read about the upgrade offering from Cubase LE4/5 to Cubase Artist 6 or Full Cubase 6, but my local representative (Yamaha Argentina) said that this offering is only available in USA. Is that so?

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Hi Martin:

Could you let me know via e-mail (m.becker(at)steinberg.de) who you talked to at Yamaha Argentina’? I will check right away why you have been told that this is not available in Aregtina. This offer is valid worldwide.

It could be however, that they do not have stock currently but this would be a different discussion.

Thanks in advance.

Melanie Becker
Export Channel Manager

Melanie, thanks for your answer. I will show your post to the local store whom I am talking to, to make them manage this situation, I guess Yamaha Argetina is not well informed…

As you probably can see in my profile, I have a Cubase LE4 license (came with my Tascam interface) an also have a Cubase 5 full version (upgrading to 6 next week). I installed the full version in both my desktop and my notebook, which I use for remote recording. My concern is that I hate to go to different places with my one and only USB Key License. So, I thought the offering could help me to get the Artist version at a better price, instead of purchasing an additional full version to do the remote job.

Let´s see what the store said about it, I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks a lot and regards,

Hi Martin:

All is good now :slight_smile:

Thanks & have fun with your Cubase 6 version