Upgrade offers but not from 10.5 pro to 11 pro

I got excited today as I got an email with upgrade offers at 40% off. Seems this does not include 10.5 pro to 11. Real shame.

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Nor from any other Pro version…

So upgrading from Artist to Pro 11 costs less than upgrading from Pro to Pro 11. That’s weird.

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10.5 Pro > 11.0 Pro is an ‘Update’, not ‘Upgrade’.

Historically update offers will follow the upgrade offers, give it a few weeks.

That’s the hope

No hope required, it’s their annual cycle. Many users milk these sales by abusing the grace period system. It’s Cubase users worst kept secret! :wink:

Yeah my intention was to wait until November but if they do an offer in between I will probably go with it.