Upgrade options from Nuendo 3

Nuendo 3 has served me very well up to now. But with new VSTs and plugins using more & more RAM, and the other benefits of 64 bit I need to upgrade.

I don’t want to cross to Cubase as there are options in Nuendo that I need that Cubase does not have, and I prefer the way Nuendo works. What are my upgrade options from Nuendo 3 ?

I must add that I spent much time searching the Steinberg web site for this information but no joy. I cant believe I am the only person on planet Earth in this situation…

Maybe you can check with your local dealer, but I don’t think there are any upgrade options from N3.
That version is about a decade old …


I don’t mean upgrade directly to N7. I was hoping I could upgrade to say N5 then later upgrade to N7 or how ever many steps required. I don’t mind paying the full price for N7 in a few steps of upgrade over a longer period of time.

Nuendo 3 is ancient. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll be able to find an upgrade from Nuendo 3 to any version unless Steinberg helps you. Are you sure Cubase doesn’t have those options you need? What are they?

AFF export & import I use a lot. I find OMF is very limited for large files and often there are errors. I like seeing recording levels DIRECTLY on the channel faders. Cubase meters are meaningless unless the fader is at 0 db, but if doing a live recording of say 30 inputs, I do a live monitor mix on the channels while watching levels without having to change to the input mixer. There are a few other operational advantages that don’t come to mind now. I have not worked on Cubase for some months.

But if what you say is true Nuendo may have to lose a customer (since Nuendo 1) to some other workstation…