Upgrade or Update?

i need a little clarity to make a decision about HALion 4 purchase. I have both HALion 3 and HALion Sonic 1.52. When looking at the on line shop I see that the items are listed as an UPDATE from HALion 3, or an UPGRADE from HALion Sonic 1.52. at the same price.
What is the difference here- If I choose the UPDATE for HALion 3, do I then “lose” HALion 3 ? Or if I UPGRADE from HALion Sonic 1.52, do i lose that? In short, I’m asking what the difference is between an UPDATE and an UPGRADE here. Thanks for any clarification :question: :confused:

Either way you are safe as an upgraded license still allows you to load previous versions. The UPGRADE from Halion Sonic would be your best bet as it is downloadable and only a few hundred mb difference from Halion Sonic due to the added audio content that comes with Halion 4. The upgrade from Halion 3 is a boxed version which means you will have to wait till it ships and probably deal with shipping charges as well. If you update your Halion Sonic licence you can still freely load and use Halion Sonic just as you did before, but will also have the ability to load and use Halion 4 if you choose.

Thank you Cantakerous, My main concern was why they would call one and “upgrade” and the other an "update"That is the clarification i needed. I did contact support and to thier credit I did recieve an answer, but it was “a bit fuzzy” on details, the info you provided is exactly what i was looking for. Many thanks again :smiley: (as a note-HALion 4 trial has been working just fine on my Win xp sp3 32 bit system -I’ve not managed to crash it yet!) ADDED: went with the upgrade from HALion Sonic 1.52. All went smoothly without incident-HALion Sonic still functioning- thanks again Cantakerous :smiley:

No problem my friend, glad it all worked out for you. Enjoy Halion 4 as it is one fine piece of software.