Upgrade path for an old cubase user

I need some guidance. I originally started with Cubase VST and after Cubase SX, I moved on to other DAWs. Been wanting to come back but have no idea how to look up my old license information and also if there is an upgrade path for my situation. Appreciate the guidance and info.

Hi John
Same story for me although I was on 5.5 for a long time…used Live for about the last 10 years as well but use both Live and Cubase 11 now
The upgrade was, a couple of weeks ago, AU$249 from v4 and up…if you are registered with steiny then you just log into the account else you have to create a mysteinberg account and register your old stuff. I bought an old copy of 5.5 so I didnt have to actually upgrade from that

Appreciate the reply. That’s my conundrum right now. They can’t find my login(didn’t recognize my email) and I have no clue who to contact to look up my old registrations, and figure out the upgrade path, if I even have any. It’s been so long, it’s all hazy. I do recall needing a USB dongle for SX. But in terms of reg numbers, etc, that seems to be the lost info I can’t find a way to recover.

Hmmm…tough one…find a sh copy of early version>4 would be the easiest

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Good suggestion. Thank you.

Do you still have it? If so, that is your proof of ownership. Install the eLCC app and plug it in. If you can provide Steinberg with the eLicenser number, they should be able to track it to whatever account it was registered. If you don’t have the dongle with the license anymore you might be out of luck. One way or another, there does seem to be an upgrade path from SX to Pro 11 …