Upgrade path -- Halion/Groove Agent

I’m just wondering whether there is an upgrade path for the bundled VSTs that come with Dorico – Halion & now Groove Agent.

There’s no specific upgrade path at the moment, but we do run sales promotions for our instruments and plug-ins from time to time, so if you find yourself enjoying these plug-ins in Dorico, it’s worth keeping an eye open for these offers as they pop up.

Groove Agent is pretty slick and I have need for such a thing and more, I’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a sale. What say ye, internet, worth the upgrade? What about the Steinberg VST’s in general?

I’m obsessive about my orchestras, but for the side stuff I’m less picky, and kind of like the idea of just sticking with ‘ole Steinberg as the prices are OK and it’s under one roof.