Upgrade path requested.

Hey Steinberg, How about introducing upgrade paths for excising Cubase and WaveLab users to this?:

I stumbled upon this today as well. https://www.thomann.de/gb/steinberg_cubase_prowavelab_pro_suite.htm?ref=search_rslt_wavelab+cubase_394392_0

Why is there no upgrade path?

Incase someone else is wondering:

I contacted support, they are aware of this issue but the answer is clear:

There will not be an upgrade path.

They mentioned that they sometimes do sales but nothing specific.

It’s too sad. Once again Steinberg penalise those customers that has kept them in business over the years. When was the last time Steinberg rewarded us. I don’t remember.

Steinberg might be aware of the issue, but they appear to be ignorant that they loose sales (income) because of it. I suggest that everyone who is interested in upgrade paths, put a request here. If enough of us do it, perhaps, someone at Steinberg will see the light.