Upgrade problems from Cubase 11.5 to 12

Hello Cubase users
Been using Cubase 11.5 with dongle. Just paid for Cubase 12. Can’t get it installed. Quick questions, please.

  1. Is Steinberg Download Assistant still a thing, or is it superseded by Steinberg Activation Manager?
  2. In SDA, “My product downloads” shows Cubase Pro 11 Update and Cubase 12 Pro. But it doesn’t show Cubase Pro 12 Update. Is this not right?
  3. Is there a dedicated helpline for these Cubase 12 upgrade issues?

Hi -

No guarantees of success of course, but Ultimate_Outsider posted a step-by-step here Current (Updated?) Official Steinberg detailed instructions for Upgrade from C11 to C12.0.10 (Grace) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums . I’m planning on using it when I update from Cubase 11 sometime after the next Cubase 12 revision is released by Steinberg.

Thanks @alexis That was helpful. So I got it installed. And most of it installed in the right place, in the Steinberg folder in the C drive.
BUT some new folders have appeared in my Documents folder.

  • Spectral Layers Edits
  • Steinberg. For some reason it dates from 1/02/22. But the Cubase folder within it is dates from yesterday (when I installed Cubase 12) and contains lots of stuff.
  • VST3 Presets

The problem with this stuff being in my Documents folder is that this folder is automatically backed up while running. So if anything is saving here while Cubase is running, it will slow it down.
Has anyone any ideas if there a better place to save this stuff, and how can I move it to this new location?

@Mnatseah I don’t believe you can change those locations without possibly doing registry hacks or using symbolic links. The Documents folder is the best place to keep any user content/preferences. What are you using for your backups? Good backup software should absolutely not disrupt you while you’re working. I have a Synology NAS for backups and I use the free Synology Drive Client to back up all changes to anything under my Documents and Music folders (plus my directory of purchased software and my sample/preset libraries). I record a lot of live audio these days (recording hardware synths), and all of this stuff is under my Documents folder and backed up on the fly with no performance penalty.

Thanks. That’s good to know.