Upgrade Question: Halion Symphonic Orchestra, Cubase 8

I just bought a new MacBook Pro and am upgrading the creative toolbox. When I upgrade to Cubase 8, will my existing Halion Symphonic Orchestra work with it? I figure since it’s a VST, it should. The website doesn’t show any new versions of HSO, so I’m confused. Thanks!

You don’t need a new version. You will have to reinstall HSO and the license should still be on your eLicenser.

So you should be fine.

Great! Thank you. I thought so, but it never hurts to ask (when tallying up the final cost to upgrade). I have the eLicenser, so I’m all set.

Sorry to hijack the thread but this is related…

I just installed a SSD for my OS drive and now I get this message from Cubase Pro 8.5:

"Your system finger print is not valid anymore.
The systems’ hardware configuration has been changed!
Soft-eLicenser ‘SeL Nr. XXXXXXXX33 - XXXXXXX79’ and stored licenses
have been disabled.
Hardware eLicensers are not affected!

Please contact your software vendors’ support department for help and

Necessary files or information for the validity of the Soft-eLicenser have been changed or corrupted.
This can be caused by exchanging single files, the usage of cleanup and backup tools or similar.
Soft-eLicenser ‘SeL Nr. XXXXXXXX33 - XXXXXXX79’ and stored licenses have been disabled.
Hardware eLicensers are not affected!"

This is stopping HSO from working. Obviously the 'X’s are there to hide my license number.

I have tried reactivating but it hasn’t worked. Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Your answer is in the error message…

Please contact your software vendors’ support department for help and

Contact Steinberg to fix your license.

Thanks for the useful info…

Ok, so there is no email or phone support for Australia according to My Steinberg. What do I do now? Can anyone steer me in the right direction to get help?


Please go to your MySteinberg account and use the “Reactivate” option to get a new activation code.

I have a similar problem as the orginal poster. I have installed Windows 10 on a different disk, but I still have my Windows 7 partition and a separate hard drive for samples. I have all my HALion content there.

I have installed Cubase 8.5 and HALion 5 on the Windows 10 partition, but I cannot make HALion load the HSO patches, in any way. I have tried to browse for them, made a symbolic link in the HALion folder in appdata etc.

I cannot “reinstall HSO”, because I have the 16 bit version, which was part of HALion 4, which it would make zero sense to install on top of HALion 5. There was no separate HSO installation (an exe or anything).

Plus, the damn thing is already on my dongle, and I cannot reactivate via MySteinberg.

How on earth do I get HSO back??

Log in to your mysteinberg account. ( https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=home&L=1 )

Here’s a link where you can grab the latest version?

Some software titles can be installed without owning a USB key. HSO is one of them, and it keeps the keys in a virtual dongle on your hard drive (or you can choose to make it go on your USB key). If HSO is not on your USB key…when you dig around in your My Steinberg account, you should see your old key sitting in a listed 'Soft-eLicenser".

It might have mistakenly been stored on your old hard drive instead of on your USB key. In this case, you’ll click the ‘reactivate’ tab in your my steinberg account and jump through whatever hoops they have to get it sorted.

If you want the HSO GUI and it does not install by default…check the extras folder in the HSO installation package. The content can best be accessed through Halion 5, Sonic, SE, etc…

I’m not really sure what the big differences are in the different versions, but for what it’s worth, here’s a link pointing to a different version that might be relevant to you.

Also, if you purchased from the Stienberg Online shop there’s a chance you might can force a ‘resend’ of any invoices and download links for previous purchases, etc…

It’s actually your statement that makes zero sense. Halion 4 and Halion 5 are sample players and editors (and many other things, as well). HSO is basically a set of samples, which play perfectly in both Halion 4 and 5. It also includes its own standalone player, but is not a part of Halion 4 or 5. 16 bit refers to the bit depth of the audio files in the sample set, NOT the code base of the programming.

If you already have HSO licensed, all you need to do is reinstall it. Download it from your account, or from the trial version DVD set. That was included with the Cubase 5 installation disks, if you have them, and possibly other packages, as well, I don’t remember (Halion 4, perhaps?). Sounds like you must already have them, though, if you installed them at any point. BTW, don’t to try to register it again with the trial code if you already have the full version license.