Upgrade Question, please help

Since I cannot seem to get a hold of any tech support, I have come to this forum. I just upgraded from Cubase Elements to Artist, and have discovered I now need a physical USB licenser instead of the soft license I was using for elements. However, I have seen no indication that one will be shipped to me. Do they ship you one when you upgrade? I need to know if I have to go buy one somewhere or not. I have no idea! All I received was an e-mail verifying my online upgrade order, but have seen nothing about a dongle being shipped to me of any kind.

Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Linkamus,

As far as I remember, you don’t get a dongle when you upgrade (I guess you did it online and you have downloaded the installation files and got the license online). Those who wanted to evaluate the CB8 Pro Trial also had to buy a dongle - no soft license available for the trial. I’m not even sure you get a dongle if you buy the CB8 PRO as retail in the shop.

So go and get a dongle. You have to install the eLicenser program (latest version), then recognize and register the dongle.
As a next step you register the license on the dongle through an online process (there is an offline process available too but I never tried that). Sometimes a little bit sticky but if you have the license activated on the dongle, you are more flexible compared to a soft license.




The USB-eLicenser si not shipped with any upgrade. Customer is always informed, he will need the USB-eLicenser, in the on-line shop page.

You have to buy one, if you don’t have it yet.

Thanks guys . I will order one!