Upgrade question Re Cubase 12 Windows 11 and NI Komplete compatibility

I am thinking of upgrading from Cubase 11 Pro and would like to know the following: Can anyone confirm that the latest versions of Native Instruments Komplete VSTs ( with Kontakt 6, FM8 etc) will work with Cubase 12 running on a windows 11 - 64 high end PC?

I don’t know about Windows 11, but I upgraded from Cubase 11 Pro to 12 Pro, and I’m using Komplete Ultimate, including Kontakt 6.7, on Windows 10 x64 on a Threadripper workstation.

Whether Windows 11 will work or not is, as far as I can tell, mainly a question of your audio hardware – Cubase and NI doesn’t care AFAIK. If Cubase 11 Pro and Komplete works for you on Windows 11 today, upgrading to 12 Pro should be “safe” (as far as changing anything is “safe” …)

(I would upgrade to Windows 11, but I need the taskbar to be positioned on the right of the screen, and amazingly, Microsoft broke that going from 10 to 11, so I’m holding off …)

I am running Windows 11 with Cubase 12 and Komplete Ultimate 13. I can confirm it all works for me.
The only issue I have encountered with Cubase 12 is with the eLicenser not always providing license activation information correctly. I moved the dongle to a USB 2.0 slot and that seems to have improved this issue.
I also found that if I run the eLicenser before opening Cubase it seems to find all the licenses the first time.

Great news! Thanks for all of your replies. I sometimes find the taskbar a pain and choose the auto hide option when it gets in the way - you can always get it back by pressing the windows button on the lower left of the keyboard when it’s needed. Thanks again.

Here’s the official Windows 11 compatibility information from Native Instruments: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405775906193-Windows-11-Compatibility-News

So, for example, Kontakt is officially supported, but FM8 is not on that list. It may happen to work just fine though. Most likely this list simply means NI hasn’t yet done full regression testing on the products not on the list.

FWIW, I’m waiting to even install the NI suite on my new Windows 11/Cubase 12 PC until everything in it that I’m using is officially/fully supported. Sticking with my trusty Windows 10/Cubase 11 PC in the meantime, I just don’t have the time to roll the dice and then hunt down weird compatibility edge cases, I’d rather have the NI engineering team sort all that out first, and save myself the potential headaches :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I took the plunge and bought cubase 12 pro. So far all seems to work fine. Kontakt and all its libraries worked fine. I did load up fm8 and the vst interface seemed to work fine but was missing some library info. I may have to manually enter the library location. I will do some more leg-work. All in all the update and installation went without issues.

I can confirm that FM8 works on cubase 12 pro with windows 11 without any problems. So far I have not found any issues with any NI VST’s.

Same but with Windows 10 21H2, nothing failed for me yet either.

That’s great to hear, thanks for sharing! Let’s home NI will officially certify all of their stuff for Win11, and then I’ll be brave enough to take the plunge as well :slight_smile: