Upgrade question

I have Cubase 7 AI. The Cubase store offers an upgrade to 9.5 Elements for £42. But will this just give me the 7 Elements version, or will I get the 9.5 version. No part of the upgrade process tells me, that I can see at least.

If it is an upgrade to Elements 9.5 why should you get Elements 7 then?

Upgrading to Cubase Elements 9.5 will automatically turn your Cubase AI license into a Cubase Elements one.

But there’s no reason to use any version of Cubase 7 over Cubase 9.5.
Since Cubase 7 was released, both CPU and graphics performance have been greatly improved, a ton of bugs were fixed and there were numerous workflow improvements. If you don’t like the docked windows (bottom zone and right zone) you can easily hide them.

Because while trialing 9.5 Elements it has also given me the trial of 7 Elements, so I assume it can still be purchased. People who have AI 9 also will have this option to upgrade, who I’m sure this upgrade cost is for. Also it seems you have to pay to upgrade from 8 to 9. So I just wondered which version I am entitled to if I purchase the upgrade - it doesn’t ask what (number) version I’m coming from.

If there’s no number then that means that the upgrade applies to all users of that tier of Cubase, regardless of version.

You got the trial for Elements 7 because AI, LE, and Elements all use the same .exe file. The highest tier license detected is the one used, even if it’s a trial license.

Thanks. Is there a way (lower price?) for me to enable 7 Elements? 9.5 isn’t totally suitable for me at the moment (64 bit, requires aero), but the extra insert slots in elements would be very helpful on some ongoing projects. I’m wondering if I purchase 9.5 Elements it will also unlock 7 Elements? That would give me a smoother transition.

Yes it will.