Upgrade questions "Solved"


I want to upgrade from Dorico 3 to Dorico 3.5

Should I backup my shortcuts and Dorico’s layout preferences?

Downloading Dorico 3.5.1 Sound Installer with replace my sound library or do I need to erase it before?

It would be great to have a more simple straightforward way to upgrade.
From the Steinberg Download assistant for example.

As always congratulations on your fantastic work, and for reading this post.


Backup: no need.
Honest question: how could upgrading be any simpler? Download the update from the SDA, purchase the upgrade, copy-paste the activation code.

When updating from Dorico 3.x to Dorico 3.5, you don’t need to download and run the sounds installer: the only new sounds included with Dorico 3.5 are the Indian drum sounds that are installed by the main Dorico application installer.

Thank you Daniel et dankreider,

I suppose that the upgrade system is affiliated with the Steinberg system.
I don’t know how to make it simpler, but when you are used to the upgrade system on a mobile phone
it feels complicated.

Surely you will already have a backup of these, and all your other files, so that… if they get deleted, overwritten, or become corrupt, or your computer gets stolen, drenched, set on fire, or other Act of God (and there’s a lot of those around currently) … you can restore them?

I mean, you wouldn’t just have only one set of any files that you were concerned about losing, would you? :confused:

For sure I have a backup of my files but not yet of the layout preferences and Key commands as I don’t know how to do it yet how to save it.

My question was more concern about Dorico suppose to keep it to one version to another or not.

But I will backup my settings :slight_smile:

So far I’ve experienced the Dorico install working slightly different with different version updates, so reasonable to check the docs or ask IMO… :slight_smile: Sometimes it has kept the old version and you needed to (or could) delete it when you were satisfied and ready. The latest was in place though.

Dear cellicello,
All your preferences, keyboard shortcuts etc are in ~/Library/Application support/Steinberg/Dorico x (where x is the version)
They’re duplicated when you upgrade (new app with full or half number), and left untouched when you update. But you can have a backup if you want :wink:

Thank you gdball and MarcLarcher ^.^