Upgrade questions.

I’m thinking about purchasing a UR28m. I currently have a Tascam US-200 running thru Cubase 5LE.
Will the UR28 be compatible with the Cubase 5LE? (I know that UR28 comes with 6…)
What will happen to all my music I have saved in Cubebase 5LE if I switch over to 6? Do all the files just carry over?
My old 5 events will play thru 6?
Thanks all! Any info would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yep, your old project should work just fine in 6. I don’t foresee much trouble using the UR with Cubase5LE, but some functionality like the advanced integration will not be available.

Thanks Strophoid. This stuff is great. I think the UR28 will be an improvement over the Tascam. And I can still use the Tascam to MIDI interface my synths for programing or controlling.
Thanks alot, having alot of fun with this technology. :smiley:

LMAO!! Upgrading already!! :laughing:


i have de 5le but i lost my install cd, where can i download the program again…

I would contact the tech support of your interface and see what they will do about it. If you registered your hardware, I bet they will get you a new one. Best course of action: find your disk!

Yeah, I’m laughing too. I wish I lived in an area where I could attend DAW training/school. Real training with people-not computer/video training.