Upgrade spectralayers element 7 to 9 pro went wrong

I bought “SpectraLayers Pro 9 Upgrade from SpectraLayers Elements 8 / 7 / 6” on 15 december 2022, with the -40% discount. I’ve checked my version to make sure, that it’s “elements”, not “one”, which was not legible to upgrade.
Everything worked fine, but I’ve noticed “verification pending” info in Steinberg Activation Manager.
I contacted steinberg representatives and I recieved info, that I do not own SpectraLayers Elements 8 licence, so the upgrade won’t work.
My path of upgrades was: cubase 6, to 10.5, to 11 (with grace period), to 12. I believe, that on some stage I recieved spectralayers element 8, but I could not prove it.
I tried to resolve the situation with my local support in Poland. It took a lot of time to get some answers and finally, I’ve lost the upgrade licence.
My solution was to buy upgrade from “one” to “elements” and get them both working, or get the money return from update and buying myself a full version, and that was what I asked for.

It all took more than a month, and finally, I recieved money refund, without notification or my permission to finish the case that way. I’m very unhappy with all that situation. I have no “pro” version, I’ve lost a lot of time trying to sort it out, and probably lost one big project, with became corrupted after my licence was removed. A few euros lost in the paypal currency conversion while sending are the smallest issues, but still it feels not ok.

Cash refund didn’t help me at all, because the discount is no logner available due to very long decision process.

Did anyone had a problem like that? Is it worth trying to get the solution, or will I have to wait all year for another discount?