Upgrade ssemed to 'half' work...

Hi. Firstly I’m a very inexperienced Cubase user, but I do have extensive experience (25+ years) of software licensing. I’ve got version 6. Cubase started advertising version 7, so I thought it would be a good time for me to upgrade to 6.5. The software pakage seemed to install fine, and told me that it had - nowhere was there any mention of cost, which should have come to me early in the installation if there was going to be one. I then went to open what I thought was 6.5, the intro screen looked as if I had, THEN I was told that it was unregistered and I had 24 hours to register it. Then the problems started. I can’t get a registration key for the 6.5 upgrade. Can I just go back to using old version? I’ve only ever had one product install that was this bad, and it was Pro Tools. And they wonder why people rip the software? Because its easier than buying it, and following the rules! HELP :exclamation: :question: :angry:

Dear robthesinger,

in the download site of Cubase 6.5 it is very clearly stated:

Cubase 6.5.0 Update

Download the update to Cubase 6.5.0 from an existing Cubase 6.0.x installation here.

Please note that a Cubase 6.5 license is payable and needs to be present on the USB-eLicenser to use this version! A Cubase 6.0 license is not sufficient!

To check available licenses, please open the eLicenser Control Center on your system or have a look at the registered licenses in your MySteinberg account.

The update can be obtained at the Steinberg Online Shop or through a positive verification on the Grace Period page.

Yes, you can go back to the 6.0 version by uninstalling Cubase and installing it again.